Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I learned a new phrase just the other day. I received an email from Family Life. This is an organization that focuses on bringing Biblical stability to families. This particular email was written by Dennis Rainey.  He used a phrase that was new to me. The phrase is "trans-spiritual Christian". He states that a trans-spiritual Christian is one that has a spiritual identity or expression of faith that doesn't match that of one that God created for him.

I found this thought very interesting. He says that these Christians have changed their spiritual thoughts from Godly to worldly. They are confused as to who they are and what they believe etc. They want to blend into the world. Some of these are even referring to evangelical Christians as anti-this or anti-that. They refer to us, (I consider myself to be an evangelical Christian), as right-wing political fanatics.

Let me address the idea of an evangelical Christian. To be a Christian, is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus. One who reads the word and tries (notice I said tries) to follow Him. The word Christian was first introduced as a derogatory remark saying that these people were "little Christs". In my early years, a person that tried to live a clean Christian life were sometimes called "holy Joes". I count it a compliment if someone thinks my life mimics that of Jesus, although I am aware that I do not.

To be evangelical means to follow the command of Jesus, to go into all the world spreading the gospel, and teaching the truth of Jesus. If this makes me an object of ridicule then so be it.

To put the two definitions together, you have a follower of Christ that proclaims the word of God, no matter of the issue or popularity. This is what God has created the Christian to do. I say created the Christian because the Bible says that when we become a Christian we become a new creation. We are born anew in the Spirit. Contrary to the belief that we are all God's children, you are only His if you a:re born again and received His Spirit. "...If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he none of His" Romans 8:9

This brings me to the phrase of trans-spiritual Christian, if there is such a thing. When we review the idea of a trans-gender, we think of some one who is of one sex and changes to another. Through surgery, and medical pills, they become something different (so to speak). Can a Christian deny his new birth and relationship to Christ and become a true citizen of the world, or did they just allow Satan distort their views, or are they really Christian?

I am amazed at the number of people that call themselves Christians, and I am sure some are, that say that we are not to judge. These people condemn us for being judgmental while they are passing judgment on us. It may be just the fact that they simply do not know what the Bible says or do not care. Sometimes we simply want to believe that God does not really mean what He says, or we just don't care. I remember during a Bible study, that a young person said to me that they did not care what the Bible says, they were going to do what they wanted anyway. Another, after we read what the Bible had to say about a subject, said to me, "you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want."

Can you be a trans-spiritual? All I know is that the Bible speaks on these things. Romans 1:32 says that even those who approve of those who practice them are in danger of the judgment of God. That's God's judgment, not mine. There are those who just don't know any better and then there are those that don't care.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah! America is headed down the same path! I ask all of you followers of Christ Jesus, PRAY FOR AMERICA

I say this with love because I love our country and what it was and can be!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Things are Not Always What They Seem...

I am sure that at some time or other, you have seen a mirage. Driving along a highway on a hot sunny day, you can look down the road and see water in front of you.  When you arrive at the spot of the water, it's not there; it has moved further down the road. The fact of the matter is that it never was there, it just seemed to be. Things are not always what they seem to be.

While playing outside one day, I saw a stick and I thought would make a great sword. I walked over to pick it up. To my surprise, it moved and slithered away. Things are not always what they seem.

My parents left me in the car after we got home, I was asleep in the back seat. When I awoke, the ugliest and most frighting thing I had ever seen was looking in the window at me. Needless to say I was scared pretty bad. It turned out to be my Uncle George with a nylon hose over his face. Things are not always what they seem.

When I was in junior high school, a group of us boys were walking down the street and noticed this girl in front of us. One of the guys whistled and she turned around, and she had a beard. (This was when the guys just began to have long hair). Things are not always what they seem to be.

With this theme in mind, think of the changes in the world. The news have made a big deal of the courage of Bruce Jenner and his gender change. With a few hormones and a lot of plastic surgery he, changed his appearance. What was a man now appears to be a woman. He wants to be thought of as a woman. Many do. But, I have talked to some medical people and they assure me that if he were to be in an accident, unreconizable, his DNA would determine that the body would be male. In this case, if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, its a duck in not a true statement! Things are not always what they seem to be!

As for the courage part, it takes more courage for a Christian to stand publicly for Jesus Christ. They get more ridicule and judgement that the transgender.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Father's Day

Father's day means different things to different people. Some, sad to say, do not have fond thoughts of their father's. I have known a few that were abusive, alcoholics, etc. spending their wages for booze rather than family needs.

Some of us were fortunate enough to have fathers that were loving and kind.

This is a picture of my father and mother. I was fortunate to have a Christian family, so my recollections are pleasant.

 No matter what your experience with your earthly father, I want you to know you can have a Father that loves you, with a love that is more than you have ever experienced.

Romans 8:15 "...The Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. and by Him we cry Abba Father". To be adopted as a son to God the Father, with full legal standing.

Alan Jackson has a song that says "here comes a Baptist, here comes a Jew, there goes a Mormon, there goes a Muslim too...we're all God's children...".

The Bible says that in order to be the child of God, we must first receive Jesus Christ the Son of God. "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name."

I am reminded of a story I heard some years ago. Many years ago two boys were playing in the country side and they had been there for most of the afternoon. One of the boys stated that he was thirsty and getting hungry, the other boy suggested they get a snack and a drink.

Walking together they came to the king's castle. As they approached, the first boy became concerned that his friend intended to go there and expressed his concern. The other assured him that he had been here before. Hesitantly the first walked with his friend. As they neared the castle they could see the guards standing by the door keeping out the unwanted and invited. They walked past as if the guards could not see them. So far so good, we can go to the kitchen and get a snack and drink and sneak out;

But, oh no, they were headed to the throne room. Now the first boy was sure they were in trouble. The guards looked big and fierce, but they seemed not to see them. What a wonder this was. As they entered in
the king looked up and smiled. The first boy said, "Hi daddy"

You to can have this kind of relationship when we walk into the throne room of God with Jesus Christ. There is no other name whereby we can be saved.


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Sunday, June 14, 2015

God of All

Have you heard or maybe have said yourself, "he's not my president", or something of this sort. I remember as a young junior boy, we had a Jewish Sunday School teacher. He told of his conversion experience, I have to confess I don't remember much of this story. I can't tell you how he came to know Jesus, but the following has remained with me for over sixty years.

He told us that when he found Jesus, he was so excited that he wanted his family to know Jesus as well. When he went to see his father and mother and related his experience, they became very angry. They tried very aggressively to change his mind about his decision to follow this man who claimed to be the Messiah!

They called him many names and a traitor to the Jewish faith. He was truly, in their eyes, am infidel. His father stood before him and his family and informed him that he was no longer his father, and he was no longer his son.

The worst part was when he told us that his family gathered all things pertaining to him, pictures, clothing, childhood toys, and any thing else that was in the home that belonged to him, put them in a casket. They took it to the cemetery and had his funeral. I remember the sadness he expressed as he told us that he went to his own funeral.

I tell you this story, because as much as the family denied him, he was still their son, brother, nephew, cousin etc., he still had their DNA.

Just as people may deny that God is not their god, it does not alter the fact that God is God of all and there is no other. God created all and all belong to Him. One day every knee will bow before Him and confess Him as God.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

If My People...

I have, for some time now, been concerned about the condition of the United States of America. As I see it, we are on a steep down hill slope. We are very close to crashing into a spiritual down fall, and we are picking up speed each second.

I have heard many different solutions to our problem. I have heard that we need to elect new government leaders, implement better education, promote better tolerance towards others, the list goes on and on. But I have yet heard but a few that has the real answer.

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."  You understand that the solution to the problem does not lie with the government, it lies with the people that are Christians. 

There are several things that this verse calls for us to consider:

1.    We have already mentioned this, but I would like to make a clarification here. There are a lot of          people that call themselves Christian, have not been born again. Some think that because mom and dad were Christian, they are also.  Some think because they are morally good they are Christian. Some think they are Christian because they go to Church regularly, the list goes on. A Christian is one that has accepted Christ as Lord, Savior and follows His teachings. There are more to be said about this subject, that will come in another time. The point being is that God is calling out to His people.

2.    We need to humble ourselves. It seems that in world, we have lost our humility. We are a proud people (here I am referring to God's people), we are a privileged people. God is our Father and He gives us what we want, we don't have to ask. Several years ago our granddaughter, in her preteens, brought a friend to our house and we heard her say (while helping herself and her friend to something in the kitchen) this is my nanny's house and she lets me anything I want. In our pride that's how we pray.

Pride also keeps us from falling on our knees or faces before the Lord in secret. We want to post our prayers on the internet in order that others may see how righteous we are. Think I am wrong, read Matthew 6:6. I realize there are time for public prayers such as in church, but not on the street corners or broadcast so others can see our goodness and say "how noble and good we are". God will reward us, we don't need the praise of others.  PRIDE

3.    We are to pray.  Often, I hear or read on facebook people tell others, "I am praying for you" or "I will pray".  I often wonder if they mean, "I am thinking of you". I don't want to be judging, but the Bible says you  shall know them by their fruits, and I wonder if we (I include myself in this group) really know how to pray. Our scripture say to pray and seek my face. This means to gain an audience with the Lord face to face. This is what we are to be about, standing before an awesome God seeking His favor. 

4.     We are to turn from our wicked ways! Now I have stopped preaching and started to meddle. We call ourselves Christian while we exercise an attitude of permissiveness. Everybody does it, so it must be ok, after all it is the twenty-first century, times have changed. We have no problems with children being aborted for the sake of convenience, to rid ourselves of a mistake. We no longer consider co-habitation a sin. Cheating on our spouse is norm, homosexual behavior is norm, etc. If you don't think so just watch an episode of TV's "Modern Family"!

Oh, but I am not guilty of these sins! That may be so, but what about the slightly off color jokes or remarks we make on facebook? What about some of the pictures that we post. It amazes me how some of the people will use off color language, and then in the next breath ask for prayers. It seem that we think that God is not listening or that He turns a deaf ear.  No! He say to turn from our wickedness no matter how trivial it may seem to us. This is a condition to Him hearing us.

Psalm 66:18 "If I regard iniquity (sin) in my heart, the Lord will not hear me".  Repent, Repent, again I say Repent.

It now the time for all God's people to come to the aide of their country!!!!!!!!!!

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