Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day 2

Took the grandaughter and family to the rodeo in Canadian, Sat. night.  As they sang the National Anthem, a man jumped out out of a helicopter and parachuted into the arena.  As he jumped, he unfurled an American Flag behind him.  A magnificant sight to behold.  Many people oohed and awed at the sight.

I was quite taken as the flags entered the arena and the anthem was played.  I saw many cowboys and cowgirls along with many in the stands, stand at attention with hand and hats over the heart. 

This stirs my heart, but am saddened by the many that did not seem to reverence our anthem or our flag.  I have noticed that many on parade routes and other places our flag is displayed, many do not even stand, unless directed to do so.  Have we forgotten to teach our children respect for our country?

The further we get from our foundation (over two hundred years now) the further we get from the foundation of our country.  The Book of Judges says of God's people, they forgot who God was and what He did for them.  They began to do that which seemed right in their own sight. 

We have forgotten what God has done for our country.  Our forefathers incorporated into many of the documents, the thought that our heritage is in the faith in God.  I learned this morning in a message by Dr. James Kennedy, that he visitors center of the capital in D.C. has basically removed any mention of God in many documents displayed there.

The Bible says that the nation that forgets God will be destroyed.  LET US BE WARNED!

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