Saturday, December 22, 2012

After Thoughts

It has been a while since the shootings, the media is still talking about it and so are others.  There has been numerous blogs and comments about the why.  A number of people have asked, "Where was God?"  Many have tried to answer that question.  I think the best answer I have heard is that He was at the same place He was when His child was killed.

There has been much speculation as to the remedy to these kinds of situations.  Some, maybe most, think that gun control is the answer.  Some think that armed guard are the answer.  There are other ideas out there I am sure, I just haven't heard all of them yet.  I don't have the answer, nor am I writing to give an answer.  I just want to make some observations.

I have lived in this world for a few years now, and have seen many changes.  Some were good and some were not so good.  I remember as a child, the churches in the communities had a better attendance than now.    Of course, they were not as full as the preacher would like for them to be, but there were more than now.  I remember that people, even those that did not claim to be "religious" had respect for the church and those that tried to live their lives according to the teachings.

I remember in School, we stood every morning and said the pledge to the Flag of the United States.  We, the students, stood at attention with our hand over our hearts.  Not a single one of us would talk or move about, we had respect for that flag.  Not because the flag was sacred, but that it stood for the country that we loved.  I don't ever remember knowing a person that did not respect our country.  Of course there were probably some, I just didn't know them.  Then there would be a prayer said by on of the students.  This was even said over the loud speakers where all could hear.  Also, I remember in school we had respect for our teachers.  I don't mean we liked all of them, but we had respect for them.  We were taught that by our parents.  I remember my dad saying that if we got into trouble in school we would be in trouble at home.  I know by experience that he meant it.  When I was in school, and a teacher called our parents, our parents did not take our side and chew out the teacher.  I think you can guess what would happen then.

I remember our home life.  I suppose mine was a normal on, and I realize that not all were this way.  We certainly were taught to respect our parents and all other adults.  We would say, yes sir, no sir etc.  We were taught not to interrupt someone when talking.  We took our hats off in the house, and especially at meals.  We were at home when we were supposed to be.  At home is where we learned good manners and to respect others.

In those years, I don't remember any mass shootings in schools, churches or other places like these.  We were not afraid to walk in the evenings after dark.  We were not afraid to sit in the car waiting on our parent while they shopped.  We didn't even roll up the windows in the summertime. There are many other things, but not enough time to mention them all.

These thing are not true today.  What happened?

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  1. as to the last question? there are as many suggested answers to that as there are to how to prevent the mindless rampage seen in recent history. It's sad that there is little mentioned in the media that the fabric some of us know existed in the past has been torn. My thoughts follow the idea that the attack on faith and family is the cancer. - Rich B.